Aajni Tithi : Mahavir Samvat (2544) Vikram Samvat (2074) Nemi Samvat (69) Vaishakh Sudh Treej(3) Wednesday

જેઠ સુદ પાંચમ

Question #1: What kind of knowledge is attained by Shri Jineshwer Bhagwants?

Question #2: Who are considered to be the Supreme Benevolent personalities of Jain religion?

Question #3: What do Jain scholarly monks (sadhu) maintain?

Question #4: What is the name of the scriptures (Dharmgranth) of Jainism?

Question #5: What is the total number of Aagam Granths?

Question #6: To whom does the Aagam Granths give highest importance?

Question #7: What is the name of the holy places of Jain religion?